Oil and Gas 12 13 2019

3768353238?profile=RESIZE_710xActivity Summary - Week Ending 13 DEC 2019:

  • Red Sky Alliance observed 13 unique email accounts compromised with keyloggers
  • ZigWheels and Dublin Inter Connects Inc. have been compromised
  • Proprietary sources identified 952,056 new IP addresses participating in various botnets
  • One Year of Tracking Dexphot
  • DeathRansom Ransomware
  • HooToo TripMate routers
  • Yellow Vests are at it again in France
  • Russia and Artic Drilling
  • Russian Pipeline through Ukraine still a Question
  • Bolsonaro calls Greta a Brat
  • Who is Greta?

Link for the full Oil and Gas brief : IR-19-347-001-OilGAS-FINAL.pdf