Cyber Intel Report 01 19 2024

Activity Summary - Week Ending on 19 January 2024:

  • Red Sky identified 18,089 connections from ‘new’ unique IP addresses
  • Digital Ocean in Singapore was hit 35x 2nd week
  • 94‘new’ Botnets hits
  • OT Joining IT using DX & ML   
  • Inferno Drainer  
  • Kuzdaz
  • The British Library is Back
  • Rhysida gang
  • Kansas Courts Attack
  • US cloud provider with Crypto Mining Malware

Link to full report:  IR-24-019-001_weekly019.pdf

OT Joining IT using DX & ML - Recently our friends from Fortinet presented a great white paper on OT and IT.  Until recently, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) had completely different purposes and were on separate, independent networks.  But digital transformation (DX) is forcing the merger of the networks to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain or maintain competitive advantage.  A growing number of sectors are integrating networking and digital communications into OT environments with deployment of Industrial Internetof-Things (IIoT) devices.  Other IT-based technologies, along with machine learning (ML) and big data, are being integrated into OT networks.  The majority of OT networks are now connected to the internet, exposing them to the entire threat landscape.  This greatly increases the attack surface and makes it easier and faster for cybercriminals, nation-states, and hacktivists to exploit OT systems.

Link to Full White Paper:  causes-and-consequences-of-it-and-ot-convergence.pdf

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