3416034434?profile=RESIZE_710xBelow are the weekly Top 5 indicators of compromise taken from our proprietary data. 

  • Top 5 Malware Droppers from Malicious Mail Index
  • Top 5 Malicious Email Senders
  • Top 5 Victim Email Domains
  • Top 5 Botnet Tracker Indicators
  • Top 5 Threat Recon Indicators
  • Top 5 Pastebin Posts
  • Top 5 Sinkhole IP Indicators – International
  • Top 5 US Sinkhole IP Indicators – US
  • Top 5 Keylogger Indicators with Context
  • Top 5 Keylogger Attacker Server with Context

Link to Full report: WR-19-220-001_Daily2 Top 5 indicators 08082019.pdf

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