3696765562?profile=RESIZE_710xRedXray is cyber threat notification service that simplifies monitoring for organizations and supply chains.  This document summarizes threats reported by Wapack Labs’ RedXRay for a national medical diagnostics company with the alias DrummerMed (DM). Wapack Labs observed hits in most collections. Malicious emails containing references to PayPal Updates were observed targeting an employee along with other malicious activity. After a massive patient PII in 2016, the company was hit with a class-action lawsuit but still continues to have cybersecurity struggles in the following years.

Raw data may be provided in a companion .CSV files.

RedXray “hits” are derived from primary sourced intelligence collections and take inputs from customer infrastructure, such as domains and IPs.  The following is example of the RedXray dashboard displaying threats for domains, networks, and companies associated with the company. Some information has been redacted for privacy.


Link to the full report: TR-19-305-001 - Generic Medical Diagnostics.docx