3245635808?profile=RESIZE_710xFunctional safety in automotive development continues to broaden in scope.  Such is the complexity of today’s systems that functional safety is no longer controlled only at high level, but also at component level throughout the supply chain.  The demands will only increase as autonomous vehicle development begins to rely ever more on artificial intelligence - And functional safety of AI opens up more questions of an ethical nature which tie into functional safety on a moral level as well as a technological level.  This ISO further guides auto component companies to follow guidelines in the face of more and more technology in our future automobile and trucks. 

Link to AUTOMOTIVE - ISO 26262: autonomousvehiclesdetroit2019safetyiso26262report1_hHBqSGAQfJ3PeC2LNKX6sr82JeuqTUYMXtjsyCUg.pdf

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