8996906096?profile=RESIZE_400xAstro, Xing, and Mount Locker Teams appear to beworking together to target their victims inransomware attacks. This new type ofransomware threat is effective and strengthenedby coordinated efforts of these threat groups.Researchers foresee a potential new wave ofattacks targeting companies with a weakcybersecurity infrastructure.The Xing (Star) team, being the newest to the darkweb leaks scene, has quickly leaked the data of numerous different companies.Both the Astro Team and Star Team use the same favicon further linking the twogroups. The use of a Chinese character in the logo could indicate Chinese threatactors but could just as easily be a “red herring” designed to throw off investigators.Regardless of this logo, Red Sky Alliance analysts are confident these threat actorsare based in Northeast Europe, and East Asia and are likely working together overinternational borders.

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