Oil & Gas

IR-18-250-002-OIL & GAS 09072018BP.pdfActivity Summary - Week Ending 7 September 2018:

  • The top keylogged email is: “mobilku.com” which is an auto sales service in Java, Indonesia
  • Sality and Corkow remain the SOC’s top malware variants seen for the past 4 weeks
  • Blockchain technology is emerging as an effective solution to oil and gas production
  • Acrid Rain is an infostealer that targets many browsers
  • Iran continues to sabre rattle in light of the US sanctions against Iranian oil trade
  • Recent riots and government turmoil in Tripoli Libya will likely affect Libyan oil exports
  • China has become Africa’s largest trade partner; beware of the BlackOasis hacker group
  • #OpCatalonia (Anonymous) is targeting ree.es, or the Red Eléctrica Group, an energy infrastructure component of Spain
  • Analysis of the recent DoD Report, which highlights Chinese expected cyber hacking
  • Point of Sale (POS) cyber theft expected to raise in India
  • Japan’s LNG imports will fall in the coming months as the restart of nuclear reactor restarts; hacktivism continues

Jeff Stutzman

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