Oil & Gas

Activity Summary - Week Ending 31 August 2018:

  • The top keylogged email is: info@duketoms.com
  • Top observed Attacker Servers (C2), for a fourth week is from Cosascco
  • Sality and Corkow remain the top malware variants
  • SOC Web Filtering information for 30 August 2018
  • This past week SOC members observed Gafgyt botnet being applied
  • Iran is claiming it has full control of the Persian Gulf, to include the Strait of Hormuz
  • Nigeria has changed their financial strategies within its oil project financing model
  • California is being urged to outlaw oil and gas drilling by environmental groups
  • The “New” NAFTA for oil and gas for Mexico, Canada and the US
  • Aslan Neferler Tim (A.N.T.), a Turkish hacktivist group
  • Venezuela to Qatar - “Petro” e-commerce

Jeff Stutzman

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