Oil & Gas

  • Indonesian food and beverage provider Keylogged
  • Infium UAB, Kiev Ukraine – Compromised IP
  • Avalanche Botnet+vawtrak and Conficker seen as botnets
  • APT Muddy Waters Cyber Campaign – At it Again
  • WP.Mobile.Detector.Arbitrary.File.Upload – Mobile Detector plugin
  • Merchant Oil Tankers, Oil Pricing and Cyber Attacks
  • Saudi Arabia and $200.00 a barrel oil – Threat, or Reality?
  • International LNG investment - Dramatically Increasing
  • US Venezuelan Oil Sanctions, off the Table
  • China and Quantum Encryption
  • Rising Asian-Pacific LNG demand

See attached for the full Report:  IR-18-295 OIL & GAS 10192018.pdf

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