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Below is the Executive Summary regarding the recent email bomb threats sent internationally.  Our good friends from Global Guardian shared their threat assessment for situational awareness.

Summary - On 13 December 2018, hundreds of businesses, law enforcement agencies and public services across the United States and Canada received email threats demanding a bitcoin payment of $20,000 in the early afternoon, prompting evacuations, building sweeps and overloading…

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JexBoss Exploit Scans Target Home and Office


Wapack Labs SOC identified JexBoss exploit attempts against an HVAC Controller, a NetScaler device, and the CEO of the company. This exploit is known to be a delivery mechanism of SamSam ransomware --and it would have been the second time this company would have suffered a large scale ramsomware attack.


Wapack Labs observed multiple attempts to exploit JBoss Application Servers using the…

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Virtual Chief Trust Officer (vCTO) Program

In a recent blog by Nitzan Daube, CTO of NanoLock¸ he provides an explanation regarding the importance of security focus on both IT hardware, physical security and cyber security consequences.  Wapack Labs agrees whole heartedly, and is providing solutions.

Wapack Labs participated in a recent lecture at the October 2018 ASIS Conference, held in Las Vegas NV.  Our joint lecture specifically addressed hardware compromise, adherence to physical security and the psychology of…

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Blockchain for the Supply Chain

The Air Force Institute of Technology[1] (AFIT) has releases free “Blockchain for Supply Chain” tools for supply chain professionals to learn about and use the power of block chain technology.  AFIT recently published a live blockchain application that can be accessed from any computer or smart phone, along with a complementary series of tutorial videos that presents blockchain simulation.  These videos can be used as a stand-alone…

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Actor Type: IV

Serial: IR-18-301-001

Industries: Oil, Telecom, Textile, Other

Country: US, India

Report Date: 10/28/18

****************RAW AND UNEVALUATED***************

Credentials for Sale in Dark Web: Reliable Industries Limited (RIL)

On 17 Oct 2018, a well-known Dark Web group using the name Lampedusa announced the sale of credentials for the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) group in India for $80,000.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. Reliance is one of the most profitable companies in India.  The company is the largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalization and is the second largest company in India as measured by revenue after the government-controlled Indian Oil Corporation.[1]

Lampadusa is advertising credential sales for both US and Indian based companies including 100 chemical companies, midnight and online stores, including their Point of Sale Systems.

It is not clear how old these credentials may be and announcements from Lampedusa are generally thought to be credible.

Wapack Labs has no further information.                                           

For questions or comments regarding this report, please contact Wapack Labs directly by at 603-606-1246, or


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