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Recently the popular online retail service Craigslist was advertising servers and storage disks.  The seller was marketing Netlink Computer Inc. (NCIX) retail service new and used IT equipment.  The servers and storage disks being marketed included millions of unencrypted confidential records of employees, customers and business partners.   Up until 1 December 2017, when Canadian IT retail services NCIX filed for bankruptcy, they were a…

FastBooking, a Paris-based company that sells hotel booking software to more than 4,000 hotels in 100 countries, had all its data stolen this month by an unknown attacker. Hotel guest personal identifying information (pii), travel dates and credit card information was taken. The breach took place on 14 June 2018 and took personal data in 58,003 leaks while credit card information was stolen in the remaining 66,960 cases.