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Red Sky® Alliance Information Security Collaboration System

Red Sky Alliance is a real time private cyber neighborhood watch (42 second video) and when needed, an out of band ‘war room’. Inside the portal members share information about current advanced threats and assist each other with analysis, best practice, and preventing future attacks.

Red Sky Alliance has been on-line and live since the beginning of February. Since then, we’ve added great companies to the membership. Our membership of companies is responsible for almost 2 million computers in three different industry sectors. Our members provide hosting to thousands of companies, transfer seven out of ten credit card transactions in the world, and manufacture high-end electronics for many of the defense communities around the world. We’ve also built a back-end analysis capability to provide actionable information from the conversations going on it our community, and now provide full service malware analysis as part of our membership!

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Government sponsored hackers, advanced cyber criminals, and even unskilled hactivists operate with relative ease against our information systems because of the sophistication of new tools at their disposal and their ability to connect quickly to full featured command and control systems. Millions of computers can be rented cheaply to attack and steal information from your environment. A simple search for “Advanced Persistent Threat” yields over 8,200,000 hits! Even with so much press, and the sophistication of defensive tools, little is known about how to protect us from these new cyber threats. The amount of money lost from these attacks is astronomical. The amount of intellectual property lost by technology companies can not even be estimated. Everyone is at risk.

NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderThe problem? Most companies don’t know how to detect the attacks, let alone fix the attacks. To whom do these companies turn to for help?

There needs to be a private environment where companies can share information, learn from each other, compare notes, and be better prepared when hackers come knocking.

So where should companies turn for help?  The Red Sky® Alliance.

What is the Red Sky® Alliance:

The Red Sky® Alliance is a private subscription-based service where companies can openly share  information about the attacks they are experiencing. Red Sky® Alliance offers a full and rich set of social media tools to enable complete unfiltered interaction between information security professionals using todays technologies. Companies can research, collaborate, share indicators, incident information and lessons learned in the privacy of a closed environment.

Benefits of the Red Sky® Alliance:

  • Full, rich access to other Security teams fighting the same battles as you
  • Trusted, private conversations -without regulators, government auditors, or investigators monitoring (and acting on) your conversations
  • Faster proactive response to impending attacks
    • If one company gets attacked, many others will too, in a very short time.
  • Red Sky® Alliance participants will receive instant notification when attacks are noted, and be given a link to go directly to the warning. Imagine having 24 hours notice from another member when they are attacked.
  • ‘Follow’ conversations and get information from the highest peer evaluated contributors on the site.
  • No new IT investment. The system is completely web based. It is accessed via two-factor authentication via virtual private network

Browse our Web site for more information about Red Sky Alliance. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Red Sky Alliance representative regarding our service, please
e-mail us at or call us at 314-422-8185. Interested in just staying in touch? Join our mailing list.


Most incident responders manage incident response and coordination on networks known to be compromised. Best practice suggests using out of band communications. Consider Red Sky Alliance for 'out of band' incident response coordination.

Are you running an ISAC?  Sharing sensitive cyber information informally between companies? Members want real time access to other members? Consider hosting your ISAC on Red Sky Alliance.

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