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3/10/2012 - Red Sky Analysts post snapshot analysis of DNS Calc
Red Sky analysts, fusing inputs from the membership published a snapshot analysis of an APT Group called “DNS Calc” with a set of indicators that companies can look for (and use to protect themselves) on their own networks.

3/5/2012 - Red Sky Analysts post first analytic products - linked to wekby, APT
Red Sky analysts, fusing inputs from membership submitted information and malware diagnosed as ‘wekby’ -an APT intrusion technique using virtual private networks to extract data from target company networks.

3/1/2012 - Red Sky inks partnership with Norman
Red Sky and Norman finalize a deal to for the purchase of Norman G2 Malware Analyzer and back-end malware analysis by the Norman team, headed up by Einar Oftedal - a long time Honeynet Project member and the now director of Norman’s Malware Analysis team.

2/17/2012 - Red Sky COO visits JPCERT to discuss Information Sharing with JPCERT membership
Jeff Stutzman, Red Sky COO, participated in a two day information sharing summit in Tokyo with the Japanese Computer Emergency Response Team (JPCERT). Mr. Stutzman presented in closed and open sessions with audiences concerned with and victimized by Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

12/2/2011 - Red Sky® Alliance is now on LinkedIn and Twitter
Follow Red Sky® Alliance on Twitter - @redskyalliance and if you are a practicing Infosec professional, please join the Red Sky® Alliance group on LinkedIn.

11/21/2011 - Red Sky® Alliance named Industry Partner of the CISO Executive Network for Private Information Sharing and Collaboration


Red Sky® Alliance is happy to announce that it has been named an Industry Partner of the CISO Executive Network.

Building trust between companies starts with building trust between people. “CISO Executive Network has done amazing work in developing trusted relationships among information security executives,” said Jim McKee, President, Red Sky® Alliance. These relationships are central to the trust required when sharing highly sensitive threat information in the Red Sky® Alliance private networking environment. “We can’t begin to emphasize how important these personal relationships are when building collaboration among companies,” notes Bill Sieglein, Founder and CEO of CISO Executive Network. “We are pleased to recommend Red Sky® Alliance for private collaboration among our members.”

About CISO Executive Network: The CISO Executive Network is a peer-to-peer organization dedicated to helping information security, IT risk management, privacy, and compliance executives to be more successful. It accomplishes this mission by providing opportunities for those professionals to meet periodically in their local cities to share with one another and hear from industry experts.


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